Featured Projects

Carleton Manor


CSF was brought on to coordinate and organize the renovation of a housing project in Far Rockaway. Specifically, this project had sustained damage from Super Storm Sandy and required a new roof and boiler room that would be housed in a completely separate building from the main structure. Previously, the boiler room was built below the FEMA flood line. CSF was brought in to assist the General Contractor through proper scheduling, detailed coordination, and technical solutions.

Turkevi Center


CSF worked alongside the General Contractor to procure a mechanical contractor to install an HVAC system for the totality of the building inclusive of the surrounding amenity and apartment space. The completion of the mechanical scope allowed for the building to be both occupied and operational. Challenges included completion of contractually required work, correction and troubleshooting of previously installed equipment, and commissioning of systems for the building. The CSF team arranged for completion of the work while interfacing with the project’s general contractor and maintaining a watchful eye scope issues utilizing the team’s technical expertise.

138 E 50th Street


CSF was brought in to complete the mechanical scope of a luxury apartment building in Midtown Manhattan. After CSF arranged for completion of the mechanical systems within the building, and during the commissioning process, it was discovered that they systems were not functioning properly. Through investigation and detailed technical analysis, CSF discovered the root cause of the issue within the building’s mechanical systems. CSF then implemented a plan to remediate and complete the work to ensure the system’s functionality.

Fort Hill – 96th St


CSF was brought on to perform field observation and cost-to-complete analysis on an apartment complex concrete superstructure during the construction process. The team worked to perform an independent cost to complete estimate inclusive of remaining contract scope and the remediation of previously installed and insufficient work. Upon completion of the initial assessment of the scope of work, CSF worked with the completion contractor to coordinate remaining work to be complete.

Bayonne Bridge


In 2017, CSF was brought on to procure new completing entities to undertake the deconstruction and reconstruction of the Bayonne Bridge, connecting Bayonne NJ, to Staten Island, NY, while raising the roadway and maintaining the historical superstructure of the bridge. The project was met with several challenges, including the complex “deconstruction process.” The main roadway and approach columns of the existing bridge were removed and taken apart piece-by-piece highlighting the meticulous technical capability needed throughout the span of the project.

THE Hartford Dunkin’ Donuts Ballpark


The Hartford Dunkin’ Donuts Minor League Ballpark stadium came to CSF a quarter of the way complete. CSF was then tasked with surveying the totality of the stadium within scope, inclusive of structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing fixtures and FF&E needs. CSF provided construction completion analysis and management services to the Surety, while evaluating creative solutions for the various design issues encountered along the way. Completion contractors and general subcontractors were hired under CSF to assist with the finalization of the stadium. CSF completed the 200,000sf project in a timely fashion, in time for baseball season kickoff in April 2017.  

The Moynihan Train Hall


CSF worked with the bond obligee to arrange for completing contractors to survey remaining work, provide lump sum pricing, level the bids that came in, select the completing entity with the bond obligee to enter into a tender agreement, all to facilitate the completion of the project. Much of the work consisted of HVAC and airside mechanical. Located in central Manhattan, the mega-scale 200,000sf intense project timeline and schedule was maintained and effectively completed on time.



CSF directly managed the completion and operations of a new boiler system in an elementary school located in the Bronx. CSF worked to replace existing fire tube boilers in addition to updating all HVAC valving controls throughout the building. The new boilers called for a switch over from oil to gas. CSF also updated the heating apparatus through the building from pneumatic to DDC (direct digital controls). CSF worked cooperatively with the bond principal, bond obligee and engineer of record to troubleshoot several technical and design issues that arose through the installation.

Smith & 9th Street


The Smith & 9th Street project called for the administration multimillion-dollar joint control and trust bank account to review the accuracy of requisitions and invoices to record into accounting system, and coordinate payments. The CSF team prepared a cash flow analyses to predict funding required by the surety.

Mott Haven


CSF provided litigation support through mediation with the owner of the project. CSF staff provided the technical expertise required to properly articulate design issues related to the initial installation by utilizing our experience and knowledge to successfully mediate the issue with the SCA. All parties were able to come to an agreed upon resolution.

Performing Arts Center Brooklyn College


Work at this project included acoustical finishes, suspended catwalks, stage equipment, theatrical lighting, audio, rigging, seating, and fire-suppression systems for the new Performing Arts Center at Brooklyn College.

In order to complete the Performing Arts Center project, CSF utilized the existing contractor and coordinated its remaining scope of work. Management and completion of the project required considerable coordination with a number of highly technical trades, the designer of record, and the Owner.

Ambassador Bridge Gateway Project


Work included ramps and toll plazas connecting highways and local streets to the Ambassador Bridge on the United States side of the International Border Crossing.

Nanuet Fire House


Work included the management of the masonry scope of work for a new fire house in Nanuet, New York. Combining a number of trades with a compressed schedule, this project required significant coordination with multiple subcontractors, the designer of record, and the Owner. The steel frame building combined masonry infill with a number of structural masonry components; all of which required significant oversight and coordination.

South Beach Psychiatric Center


Work included the installation of a Hot Water Heat Exchanger units installed as part of plumbing completion work.

Mt Sinai Hospital



The work at the Mt Sinai Hospital project included the installation of new Victory duel-fuel boilers and ancillary heating systems for Mt Sinai Hospital in New York.

A retro-fit of a new boiler along with boiler systems into an existing boiler room in a working hospital posed a number of logistical, coordination, and technical challenges. CSF worked with selected completion contractor and the Owner to coordinate work, identify issues, and get the work complete with minimal interruption to the Hospital’s operation.