Mr. Hackmeister is a Senior Bridge Inspector and Lead Construction Engineer. He has over 13 years of experience in the Connecticut construction industry, 11 of which have been in construction inspection and engineering for the new construction, rehabilitation, in-service inspection, load rating and structural analysis of Connecticut’s largest, most difficult to access and most complex bridges over land and water. Mr. Hackmeister has extensive experience with CTDOT’s construction oversight and documentation systems, from smaller projects where he was the only inspector to award-winning, complex coordination programs with dozens of field staff and multiple conflicting stakeholders (Q Bridge, Walk Bridge). His experience spans the full life cycle of complex coastal structures and bridges, from conceptual designs through permitting, construction, inspection and rehabilitation. Mr. Hackmeister’s roles as a Lead Construction Engineer, a Senior Bridge Inspector and as Bridge Inspection Team Leader have allowed him to guide and mentor younger engineers, and to coordinate, delegate and supervise tasks to inspection team members. His thorough, contemporaneous documentation has supported significant expansions in project scope (Gold Star Bridge sidewalk) and the rehabilitation of politically-and historically-sensitive bridges (in-depth inspections of bridges over the Merritt Parkway and the 2012 in-depth inspection of the Cribari movable bridge in Westport). Mr. Hackmeister is experienced with coordinating the oversight of multiple construction operations simultaneously and at all stages of construction, including pre-construction constructability review, utilities, traffic control and work zone safety, railroad access, submittals/shop drawing review, environmental compliance, substructure and earthwork, hazardous materials, maritime operations, high-performance and reinforced concrete, post-tensioning and cable-stays, steel structures, welding, coatings, membrane waterproofing, and asphalt paving. Mr. Hackmeister has a keen eye for stunning construction photography with a marketing perspective.

Education: Northeastern University, B.S., Civil Engineering Magna Cum Laude, 2009, Continuing Education/Professional Seminars: CT Society of Civil Engineers Engineering & Construction Law Seminar, 2012