Charlene is a well-versed claims examiner with a vast background of assisting people of all ages in various aspects. Charlene is detail-oriented and has excellent customer service, administrative, and interpersonal skills that contributes to the success of her department.

Charlene started at the Connecticut location of CSF in June of 2016 as the administrative assistant where she maintained a well-run office. She successfully coordinated and completed the office move (Farmington, CT to the current location in Avon, CT) and continued to carry out all her expected administrative duties. In 2019, she was given the opportunity to become a claims adjuster which she gladly accepted. Charlene now examines and handles Hudson Insurance Group ICC bond claims, Interstate Commerce Commission Bonds or Transportation Broker Bonds (also known as the BMC-84 Freight Broker Bond) and is responsible for gathering all documents that support the claim with assistance from the claims coordinator, to verify that the claim is valid. She facilitates discussions between the claimant and broker/principal to confirm the specifics of the claim, is proficient in the evaluation of the claim and thorough in its investigation while ensuring the timeliness in settling the claim.